Supernatural Novella Gets A Makeover.

Hello Everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that my Supernatural Horror Novella, Sharpshooter, has just undergone a makeover. The novella has a new, crisp edit, thanks to my wonderful editor, Christie Stratos of Proof Positive Editing. Sharpshooter has also been give a fresh cover, which is just awesome. It’s another great design by Johannus Stenger of Steger Productions.


The Sharpshooter cover

The Sharpshooter cover

David is a very anti social teenager, he hates his family and people in general. In fact, David is a psychopath, unable to feel anything for anyone and only concerned for his own needs and wants. David only comes close to experiencing anything like joy when he is playing his beloved electronic games. When David finds the Sharpshooter game in an old second hand store he knows he must own it at any price-even if that includes robbery and murder.

David doesn’t realise that Sharpshooter is far, far more than just a game. It will transport him to a nightmarish realm where he will have to fight for survival against the very people he has hurt or killed. This isn’t just a game, if David loses it’s game over-forever.

Sharpshooter is available at Amazon, Nook, Kobo and more for the low price of 99c. You can purchase Sharpshooter right here on my site in your preferred e format. I love your feedback so let me know what you think.


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