Black Silk Panties; The First New Release For 2016.

Hello Everyone,

black silk panties 3Firstly, may I just wish you all a very Happy New Year and may 2016 bring you all health, harmony and happiness. I hope everyone had a great festive season. I had a great Christmas, despite wilting in temperatures of 36 degrees celsius! Yep that’s what you sometimes have to endure when you live in Australia, lol.

Did you stock your ebook reader up with lots of titles in order to have some great holiday rading? I myself have been like a kid in a lolly shop (Aussie word for candy/sweeets) and I’ve gotten some great books by some of #The Awethors and others.

Speaking of reading, I’m pleased to announce the release of my new short horror story-Black Silk Panties. This story will be the first in my new upcoming collection-Choice Cuts- A Bite From The Dark Realm. Black Silk Panties is designed to whet your appetite and give you an inkling of the evil tales you’ll be encountering in Choice Cuts. This story isĀ  little different from those I normally write as it deals with repressed sexuality and how it manifests itself which is why I subtitled it an erotic horror story.

You can buy your copy (99c) by clicking on the “Buy Book” button below. I always love your feedback so feel free to ask me anything regarding the story. Oh and if you do enjoy it, could I ask you to leave a review? Even just a stars out of five rating is helpful if you’re pressed for time lol.

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